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Training in trading in the field of foreign exchange trading instruments, stock and commodity market assets.

What is Tradematica.

Tradematica is an educational and media project, the main activity of which is training clients in personal finance management and investing in financial markets, as well as professional advice to private investors on effective capital investments.

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Institute of Trading and Investment

The country's only center for studying the foreign exchange market, the securities market and the commodity market. We offer flexible training programs for all skill levels and master classes. Our authors use their own trading strategies and create tutorials. We have something to share.

Joint training programs

Institute of Trading and Investments "Tradematica" conducts joint training programs with leading universities in Russia. Our partners include Moscow State University, Financial University, Higher School of Economics and others. Level up with the best. Work together with professionals.

Studying programs

Tens of millions of people around the world are engaged in trading, but only a few do it professionally. Few people perceive stock trading as a second job. The main associations of people are: "Trading is a game on the stock exchange, money, luck." Much attention is paid to money, although this is only a result, not a goal. Money, of course, is important, but the doctor's primary goal is to cure the patient, and not to receive a fee. Also, the trader as a target should have the correct actions when opening and closing positions, and not earnings. Profit will come if you act in a disciplined and correct manner.

Training does not lead to perfect results, it leads to stable results.

- Warren Buffett

Studying programs.

Educational programs on the securities market of the Center for Financial Literacy are aimed at a wide variety of students. We offer courses for both beginners and exchange trading training programs for those who already have solid trading experience. During training in trading, students are provided with computers with the necessary software. Assets are traded on virtual demo accounts.


25 000

This is a basic two-week course. Students are assigned a curator with whom the attendance and schedule of trading lessons in the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets are agreed.

  • 2 weeks
  • Group up to 5 people


75 000

The LEVEL-UP is attended by students of the START-UP program, as well as traders who have already started trading with real funds. The group is led by an experienced mentor who helps newbies avoid mistakes that inexperienced traders can make. Trading takes place on virtual demo accounts, the charts are identical to real ones, in real trading mode, without attracting real money.

  • 1 mounth
  • Group up to 5 people


215 000

These are in-depth training courses for trading in the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets, designed for two months. Lectures and seminars are held individually. Students are assigned a curator, under whose guidance the continuation of the training is conducted.

  • 2 mounths
  • Individual lessons


This is the final stage of the training aimed at developing and analyzing unique trading strategies. The group includes students of the INTENSIVE program who are interested in deepening their knowledge of how to trade in the financial markets, getting the maximum profit. Cost 745 000

Additional programs

Additional programs are offered free of charge to our clients who have completed the Intensive and Master courses. These programs will allow you to feel confident in the stock, currency and commodity exchanges, as well as to increase your efficiency at the enterprise.


Tradematica is one of the first licensed educational institutions in Russia specializing in the professional training of financial market participants.

Success in trading comes from a good knowledge of the markets and an even better knowledge of ourselves

— Larry Williams

I am so confident in the quality of the tutorials we teach that I guarantee a money back in case the program does not suit you.

Ilya Rabinovich CEO

Trading robot.

Tradematica offers its clients to take advantage of trading opportunities using a trading robot. TradeBot is a specialized software algorithm, according to which the trading terminal trades on the user's broker account, including with the possibility of completely excluding any actions on the part of the user during trading.


~ 12 % / m


1 year

The cost

15 %

What are the programs for trading on the exchange?

Currently, the most popular programs are MetaTrader terminals 4 and 5. The lion's share of traders around the world use these terminals as the main technical tool for trading on the stock exchange. In addition, most of the trading strategies, advisors, indicators and signals are created by the authors specifically for MT4 and MT5.


150 K


Download MetaTrader 5

Trust management.

In addition to independent trading, there is an easier way to make a profit in the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets - investing. You invest your money in one or another asset or transfer it to another person for further trading. Thus, you can provide yourself with passive income. However, investing in financial markets involves some risks: a variable level of profitability, a mistake in choosing an investment object or a manager of your investments. But all these risks can be significantly minimized or avoided altogether.

Financial Market News: Review and Analytics .

Get trading strategies.

We present to your attention several trading strategies that will provide you with stable profit in case of any volatility in the markets. The only thing left to do is control the risk.

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