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Training does not lead to perfect results, it leads to stable results.
— Warren Buffett
About Institute
The Institute of Trading and Investments "Tradematica" is engaged in the study and modeling of situations in the financial markets and the training of specialists in the field of foreign exchange trading instruments. You can learn more about the activities of the Institute in the corresponding section.
The only center in Russia for the study of foreign exchange markets, the securities market and commodity. We offer training programs with a flexible schedule for any level of training, we conduct master classes. Our authors use their own trading strategies and compose study guides. We have something to share.
The TRADEMATICA Institute of Trading and Investment conducts joint training programs with leading Russian universities. Among our partners are Moscow State University, Financial University, Higher School of Economics and others. Keep up with the best. Work together with professionals.
Studying the theory of financial markets with us, you consolidate knowledge on your trading account and convert it into money. Our programs + your ideas = excellent results!
Trading is not a stock market game
Tens of millions of people around the world are engaged in trading, but only a few do it professionally. Few perceive stock trading as a second job. The main associations for people are: "trading is a game on the exchange, money, luck." A lot of attention is paid to money, although this is only a result, not a goal. Money, of course, is important, but the doctor's primary goal is to cure the patient, and not to receive a fee. Also, the trader as the goal should have the right actions when opening and closing positions, and not earnings. Profit will come if you act in a disciplined and correct manner.
There are few successful traders
Successful traders are persistent people. They can motivate themselves to perform daily routine activities - reading news, selecting ideas. There are very few such people. Trading is like your own business, here no one forces you to do something, there is no leader who will give the task, and then he will kick you a few more times for you to do it. That is why in the stock market, earned and lost money are distributed in the ratio of not 50 to 50, but about 10 to 90. This is an approximate distribution of managers and subordinates in the world. If you are not ready to control yourself, then your emotions will control you.
Learning trading
Educational programs on the securities market of the Financial Literacy Center are aimed at a wide variety of students. We offer courses for both beginners and exchange trading training programs for those who already have solid trading experience.

During the training in trading, students are provided with computers with the necessary software. Asset trading takes place on virtual demo accounts.
Training Courses at the Financial Literacy Center
The training courses are taught by recognized experts in the field of finance, who began their journey from 0 and became successful traders. Thanks to our own experience in trading in the currency, stock and commodity markets, our teachers will help you learn how to easily make independent decisions and open only profitable transactions.

Our teaching methods — are not just a comprehensive view of the trader's work and advanced data analysis methods. This is an analysis of each chart, indicator and figure in practice in the current market situation!
Success in trading comes from a good knowledge of the markets and even better knowledge of ourselves.
— Larry Williams
What is the foreign exchange market? The foreign exchange market is an international online currency market where national and regional currencies are traded - usd, eur, gbp, jpy, cad, rub, nzd, chf and others. It is the foreign exchange market that determines the daily rate of a particular currency: the current rate of the eur / usd pair is 1.11700, and yesterday it was 1.11200.

The participants in the foreign exchange market tend to exchange currencies against each other at the same price (opening a transaction) and perform opposite currency exchange operations (closing a transaction) in order to profit from the difference in the exchange rate, even a small change in which allows you to get tangible profit commensurate with stock trading.

What is a share? A share is a type of equity security that gives the holder the right to receive part of the net income from the activities of the joint-stock company in the form of dividends, as well as to receive excess profits due to the growth of the company's capitalization, and therefore the exchange value of the share itself.

There are two types of shares: ordinary and preferred.

Ordinary shares give owners the right not only to receive part of the company's profits, but also participate in the management of the joint-stock company. Moreover, one share corresponds to one vote at the general meeting of shareholders.

Preferred shares allow owners to receive a share of the profit (usually larger than ordinary shares), but do not give a voting right at a shareholders meeting.

In the global financial system, preferred shares are not widespread. However, in Russia they are used today quite often. The fact is that they were usually received by labor collectives in the process of privatization. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, preferred shares give a voting right on a par with ordinary in two cases: in case of reorganization of a joint-stock company and in case of non-payment of dividends for a certain period.

Learning on a DEMO account. Open a demo account, and trading in real conditions and with current quotes will be available to you right now. Do not want to study theory and read books - get knowledge, experience and skills during trading on a DEMO account. In order to provide yourself with a stable income that allows you to improve the quality of life, you have to stock up on two things - patience and diligence. You need to endure the amount of time that would provide you with the required experience, and the effort will be required to gain knowledge and test dozens of strategies and trading methods. However, trading is not alchemy, but a completely independent mathematical-behavioral model that lives according to its own laws, which guarantees the result for every patient and diligent trader.

What are the programs for trading on the exchange?
Currently, the most popular programs are MetaTrader terminals version 4 and 5. The lion's share of traders around the world use these terminals as the main technical tool for trading on the exchange. In addition, most trading strategies, advisors, indicators and signals are created by the authors specifically for MT4 and MT5.
Every successful trader known to us has recognized the need for consistency. This is the key to everything - you must trade using a consistent methodology. You must follow a specific trading strategy.
— Linda Bradford Raschke
In addition to independent trading, in the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets, there is an easier way to profit-investing. You invest your money in a particular asset or transfer it to another person for further trading. Thus, you can provide yourself with passive income.
However, investing in financial markets suggests some risks: a variable level of return, an error in choosing an investment object or managing your investment. But all these risks can be significantly minimized or completely avoided.

Our training center was created to solve all possible investment problems, different needs and appetites of customers. We provide advice on the placement of funds through the exchange and optimize business processes.

Stocks and bods market
The share is a security confirming the right of its holder to a share in the authorized capital of the issuing company (the company issuing the security). In other words, the shareholder owns a certain share in the company.

Today everyone has the opportunity to become a co-owner of such global giants as Apple, Google inc, Gazprom, MMC Norilsk Nickel, Aeroflot, BMW, Rolls Royce and many other companies. It remains only to use this opportunity.

Securities (including options, futures, bonds ...) of companies are traded in free trade on stock exchanges.

About 200 exchanges work in the world, but only 4-7 of them “own” the world. Among the most popular and voluminous in terms of capitalization and turnover are NYSE (New York Stock Exchange, its turnover is about half of the total turnover of foreign stock exchanges), NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation), AMEX (American Stock Exchange), LSE ( London Stock Exchange), TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), FWB (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse), MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange). Since 2012 it’s just the Moscow Exchange (MB), after the merger in 2011 with the RTS.

Shares on exchanges are traded in the currency of the country in which the exchange is located. You can buy Apple stocks (NASDAQ) only in dollars, BMW stocks (XETRA) are traded in EURO, and so on.

So, the shares are traded on exchanges, but you cannot come to the exchange and buy them, they are sold only through a broker.

A broker is an intermediary between the exchange and investors. Today there are a lot of them, and the choice is wide (below we will talk about them). In short, you need to register with a broker, sign an agreement on the provision of services. Next you need to replenish your account with a broker. When you decide on the securities that you want to buy, you give an order to the broker to buy. You can do this by phone or buy it yourself through the trading terminal installed on your computer.

You can buy a large number of assets, at least redeem all available shares of the company, but the main principle of each investor is diversification. From here, the investment portfolio is formed, in which there are at least 5-9 companies or more. This means that you should not spend all the money on securities of one company. Try to divide your capital by 10, and buy for every tenth as many shares of one company as you have enough.

Exchange terminal or trading terminal - a special program installed on the client’s computer. With its help, you can independently make transactions in real time, track changes in quotes, build graphs of price movements.

Currency market
The foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world with the highest liquidity.

Trading in the foreign exchange market takes place in real time with various currencies existing in the world. Exchange rates are variable for most currencies, which is of interest to investors. The foreign exchange market is a global market that is traded 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

There are a lot of players in the foreign exchange market, and this gives significant volumes of transactions.

The functioning of the foreign exchange market allows you to trade, given the large number of exchange rates.

Here are 8 of the most liquid and most traded world currencies:

  • U.S. dollar (USD),

  • Euro (EUR)

  • British pound (GBP)

  • Japanese yen (JPY)

  • Swiss frank (CHF)

  • Australian dollar (AUD)

  • Canadian dollar (CAD)

  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

During the day, the value of the currency in relation to another currency may vary depending on supply and demand, under the influence of economic, social or political factors. In general, the exchange rate reflects the economic conditions of both countries. Frequent currency fluctuations in the market represent the potential profit of a currency trader.

The more severe fluctuations occur on a currency pair, the more interesting it is to use strategies such as scalping, high-frequency trading and other short-term trading strategies of the foreign exchange market. The interbank foreign exchange market is one of the most volatile markets in the world.

But volatility requires attention, especially if you trade on the market with leverage: your potential profit may be higher, as well as losses.
The contract for difference is a financial instrument that allows the seller and the buyer to settle without delivering the underlying asset, paying each other the difference between the value specified in the contract and the actual quote. In most cases, futures, stocks, precious metals, stock indexes and others act as the underlying asset in the contract for difference. You can earn both in the fall and in the growth of the market.
A bond is a financial instrument that is a debt security issued by state, municipal authorities or companies for a certain period of time (most often several months or years) with a guarantee of redemption and subsequent redemption.

Without exaggeration, we can say that this is the most reliable asset of all that are traded on the exchange. This tool experiences much less oscillation. The price itself consists of quotes on the market and coupon income. Mechanics repeats standard loans. For example, you lend organizations $ 1000 for 1 year. After the allotted time, $ 1150 will be returned to you, of which $ 150 will be your income.

By ranking your portfolio, starting from pre-default bonds and ending with OFZ, you can create a balanced and viable product that will overtake the bank counterpart several times.

Today, many underestimate bond investment. However, tomorrow there may not be such an opportunity. Every day the world is changing. New laws are passed, ruling regimes are replaced, and various assets appear and disappear. Hurry up to take advantage of the opportunities that you have.
Exchange traded funds or ETFs
In simple terms, an ETF is a “basket of stocks,” that is, an investment fund that tracks index values and trades as one security. The increase in the stock price of an investment fund indicates its success and prospects. The funds themselves may be involved in the purchase of shares and other exchange assets.

Since the indices themselves are just quantities, not assets, derivatives are created for these quantities like futures, options, etc. Exchange-traded funds buy stocks from indices according to the same principles by which indices are calculated, fully copying its component part.

The price chart of the PowerShares QQQ fund, on which the red line of the NASDAQ 100 price index is superimposed, as you can see, their prices are almost the same.

Today, almost every stock index has an ETF fund, repeating its structure.

A stock investment fund is a ready-made portfolio of assets that can repeat a specific stock index, or have a portfolio of stocks, or, for example, metals, and other stock goods.

Shares of exchange funds are listed on the stock exchange, like ordinary securities. The most affordable stocks on the market now cost a few cents, the most expensive - hundreds of dollars. For those wishing to conclude transactions with securities from different regions of the world, exchange-traded funds are a kind of indicator of the state of industry of leading countries - from Asia to Austria and from Europe to the markets of developing countries.
Studying programs
$ 100
2 weeks
$ 1 000
1 month
$ 5 000
2 months
$ 10 000
3 months
Tradematics offers its customers to take advantage of trading opportunities with the help of a trading robot.

TradeBot is a specialized software algorithm by which a trading terminal trades on a user's brokerage account, including the possibility of completely eliminating any actions by the user during trading.

A license is acquired for a period of one year. Profitability varies from 5 to 30% per month.
~ 5000$/year
Until the basic literature has been studied and a certain time has been spent about successful traders, we can assume that trading for a novice trader is limited to the space of a supermarket.
— Edward Seykota
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